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What is your first thought when you wake up in the morning?

What is the essence of it: lack or prosperity? Complaining or gratitude? Fear or excitement?

A thought is a signal you send to the world, information that has a certain energetic frequency and connects to whatever matches it energetically. If it arouses anxiety, haste, anger, sadness.... this is what it will attract.

Consider whether this thought is yours or maybe it comes from another source. Maybe you heard it somewhere or took it over. Maybe it comes from the one who told you that you are doing too little, standing too low or being not enough.

Take a look at it - is it true for you, in line with you? About 95% of our thoughts are acquired, repetitive and intrusive. They are a program stored in the subconscious, which is played over and over again, giving us the illusion of truthfulness. What is this 5%? The neutral observer, the part of us that remains in the here and now and is aware of what is happening.

When you think about this first thought, think about whether it serves you. Is it good for you, or does it limit you? Does it uplift or destroy you? And if it is not beneficial to you, why do you cling to it? Why do you let it be?

Thoughts are like rain - they fall on us, penetrate our clothes, touch our skin, cause physical and emotional reactions.... but these reactions depend on the meaning we give them.

Allow them to build you up, to be your friend and not your enemy, a lover and not a traitor, a protector and not an abuser....

So what is your first thought when you wake up in the morning?

If you would like to change it and do not know how - I invite you to my coaching.

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