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My coaching is highly personalized. You won't get a standard based session but rather one that is fluid and focused on whatever your needs are focused on at the moment. Over a period of a few weeks to months you will meet any activity, goal or challenge more effectively with greater ease and efficiency.

Instead of working according to scripts and courses we will tap into your potential, connect with your authentic self, understand your strengths, superpowers to create the business and life of your dreams full of joy and flow.


I use a deeper, more holistic approach - which means working on the operating system beneath your consciousness, so that you can use your unconscious thinking to your advantage.

My approach thrives on the assumption that people have the answers to their own questions. My goal is to help you reconnect with your inner wisdom and an authentic way for you to act.

The methods I use:

  • Systemic coaching

  • Voice dialog

  • The Work of Katie Byron

  • Logical Levels of Change by Bateson and Dilts

  • Active Imagination techniques

  • The Silva Mind Control Method

  • Using drawing as a coaching conversation

A coaching session last 60 minutes and costs 70€

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