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Lawyer by training, healer, poet and photographer by heart. Since 2011 a certified professional with a background in Psychokinesiology, Professional Coaching, Systemic Coaching and Tachyon Practice.

Balancing on the edge of two worlds: rational and spiritual, matter and energy and connecting them has become my greatest challenge.

Unlocking human potential and manifesting its power in reality - my mission.

And the goal - participating in the formation of a new consciousness based on a holistic approach to man and life.


My workshops and courses have the same message as my individual sessions: everything is energy, the power of creation and manifestation is a natural characteristic of human beings, and the connection to yourself is necessary to take your place and live an authentic life.


My life path number is 22.

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My Story

For a long time I had been passionate about the subconscious and the spiritual dimension of life, but it wasn't until I faced a crisis in my own life that I began to see that much of what I had been taught, and most of my beliefs, did not line up with reality.
That so-called reality became for me an elastic, changeable and conditioned concept. I came to realize that I can only see what I believe and that everything and everyone around me is a reflection of my subconscious schemes of thinking.

The question that followed this breakthrough in my perception was: how can I change my attitude toward the reality that I experience, or how do I change my mindset, thoughts and beliefs that shape a reality that I do not want to experience.

I discovered several ways to achieve this mental state, took courses and learned different methods. I learned how to rebalance my inner Self and became more in touch with my own thoughts and desires.

I learned to let go of my self-centered worries and fears, piece by piece, and began my personal journey to self-realization, to bring the essence of my own Self (my blueprint, my soul as it were) into my life.

On this particular journey, I discovered my calling.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+32 498 513477

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