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How do you recognize your internal blockages and what can you do about them?
How can you change your patterns of thinking and acting?
How do you discover the cause of your illness and improve your health?
How do you change your life circumstances without fighting what is?
During this 3-day course:

1. You will learn how the subconsciousness functions and what its role is in the creative process.

2. You will get a deep dive into what energy is and how it works.

3. You will learn about:
- The reality and your role in it (how to change negative ideas, thoughts and beliefs).
- How to balance your Self

4. You learn to:
- Communicate with your subconsciousness.
- Neutralize negative subconscious beliefs.
- Change the energy in and around you.

10.00-14.00, 3 days, min. 5 persons

Language: EN / NL / PL

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