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Each person has his/her own, personal energy space. If it is filled with his/her own energy, then he/she has no problem with being himself/herself, with separating his/her own thoughts and emotions from the thoughts and emotions of other people, he/she is not easy to manipulate. Outside influences are less intensely experienced, and when adjustments are made, one's own integrity and individuality remain intact.


But too often it is not the case.

Often, one person's energy stays in another person's space, then the integrity of their own space is endangered. It may look as if this person is making someone else's decisions and as if someone else has taken over their sphere of consciousness.


Do you have difficulty making decisions?

Do other people put pressure on you or try to influence your behavior even though you set boundaries or point it out to them?

Do you feel alienated from yourself? Or derailed?


Results you may expect:

Contact with one's own core increases, man becomes more aware of his/her identity, needs and limits.

Boundaries are set naturally as a consequence of internal changes.

The reactions of the environment towards him/her change.




1 day, 10.00-17.00 plus 3 x 1-hour sessions after the course

1 participant

Language: EN / NL / PL

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