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Tachyon is the name of the energy from which all other creative energies emanate. It is a particle faster than light, a life force that renews the energy fields (of people, animals, plants...), breaks down internal blockages and strengthens the self-healing capacity of the body.

Our body is a holographic projection of our consciousness - it is the sum of our beliefs about ourselves. These beliefs, if negative, create blockages in the energy flowing through the body. In other words - all negative information (including that created by trauma or inherited in the DNA code) creates the so-called "pain body" - the energy field in which our body resides. The tachyon energy neutralizes all the information in our pain body, that is, it causes the negative beliefs to lose their effect on us. (Eckhart Tolle also writes about the pain body and how we can deal with it in his books: "The Power of Now" and "The New Earth").
The natural flow of tachyon energy (other names are: chi, prana, cosmic energy...) through our body is also disturbed by external influences: environmental pollution, electromagnetic fields....
David Wagner (the father of tachyonization and founder of Advanced Tachyon Technologies) discovered that when a natural flow of tachyon energy is interrupted or the energy system in a biological system becomes fragmented, the system begins to fail. His work has also proven that a replacement tachyon flow, in the form of tachyonized material, bridges and nourishes the system, providing it with the energies needed to energetically return to wholeness and health and if this is possible, the physical body follows and healing and balance are restored.

A Tachyon treatment lasts between 60 and 80 minutes and costs €80

Tachyon products do nothing more or less than rebalance disturbed energy fields, bringing them back to order from chaos. You do not need to read an extensive instruction manual or have a lot of knowledge about tachyon in order to start to use the products.

All products can be found here:

There is a suitable remedy or product for every complaint, all of which are equally simple to use. For example, a tachyonized sleeping mat protects you at night - when you are sleeping comfortably - from radiation and balances your energy fields.
allowing you to wake up rested and clean.
But the same kind of mat can also be placed over your car seat when traveling a long distance; use it over the seat of your airplane seat to reduce jet lag and sleep on it in your hotel to feel as comfortable as home far from home.
The same goes for:
a bandage, a scarf, a meditation towel:
tachyonized water, a tachyonized pendant or keychain:
eye mask deluxe:
5G Tachyon Freedom Pendant
space energy neutralizer

You name it, really everything is multi-purpose, it basically lasts a lifetime and it can be taken anywhere. Even the most powerful home product, the cocoon, can travel with you in a shoulder bag.

The best part is that almost everyone chooses or starts using tachyon to reduce ailments, when in fact tachyon ultimately does something much more important: it causes an increase in consciousness. As your energy fields become more balanced, the frequency with which you resonate increases at some point.

When paying type in "coupon code" monikab and 10% will be deducted.

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