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Psychokinesiology is a method within energetic treatments, aimed at locating and neutralizing unprocessed emotions or conflicts stored in the unconscious. Manual muscle testing is used for this purpose.

Most unprocessed emotions or conflicts can be traced back to past events or situations, which may or may not have been traumatic. There may also be energy transference (taking over emotions or feelings from other people). The latter often occurs in HSP (Highly Sensitive Persons).
During the dialogue with the unconscious, carried out by manual muscle testing, memories can sometimes spontaneously come back and the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.
Psychokinesiology can be applied to complaints that have an underlying emotional or energetic cause in addition to a physical component, such as depression, anxiety and/or tension complaints. The treatment also lends itself perfectly to dealing with chronic complaints for which no cause has yet been found.
It is important that the client gains insight into how his or her energy flows and how this energy may possibly be impeded by unprocessed emotions, conflicts and/or events. The energy blockages are treated and removed, allowing the energy to flow freely to the organs again and the body to function better. Thus, psychokinesiology contributes to increasing vitality and improving quality of life.
The background is classical Chinese medicine and the 5-Element Theory. The method is based on the fact that the body can be brought into balance, by restoring yin/yang, removing toxins, releasing blockages, releasing stress and working on the body's self-generating ability, to regain its natural healthy state. 
During the session, the client lies in a field of tachyon energy and a brief (about 15') tachyon healing takes place after the session. 

A Psychokinesiology treatment lasts 60 to 70 minutes and costs €75

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