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Psychokinesiology is a method within energetic treatments, aimed at locating and neutralizing unprocessed emotions or conflicts stored in the unconscious. Manual muscle testing is used for this purpose.

Psychokinesiology is a therapeutic approach that rebalances the body and mind, aiming to achieve harmony and well-being at the physical, mental and psycho-emotional levels.

This holistic therapy was invented by American chiropractors and combines ancient knowledge (classical Chinese medicine, acupuncture and 5-Elementology) with new discoveries (American Touch for Health - health through touch).  It focuses on the body, its memories, its intelligence and its natural healing capabilities.

Psychokinesiology is based on the principle that the interaction between the body, mind and emotions takes place in the muscles. During the dialogue with the unconscious, carried out by manual muscle testing (light pressure on the hand), we can detect and remove inner blockages, identify and transform the cause of negative emotions, activate the self-healing capacity.

Psychokinesiology can be applied to all complaints, both physical and emotional.

Furthermore, the treatment lends itself perfectly to addressing chronic complaints for which no cause has yet been found.

During the sessions, I also use complementary products (if the muscle test shows the need):

Bach remedies, Schüssler cell salts, crystals and other energy carriers.

After the session, a tachyon energy healing takes place (more on this on my website), which strengthens the removal of blockages and harmonizes the whole organism.


A Psychokinesiology treatment takes 60 to 70 minutes and costs €75 (individuals), €90 (business related).

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