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What is decision-making for you?

What guides you in making a choice?

Do you consider existing options and their consequences ( as predictable in advance) or do you focus on what is in line with your values and create the option that is most in synchronicity with them?

If the universe could be completely described by the formulas of Newtonian mechanics, everything would be exactly calculable and the outcome would be predictable in advance. The choice of a certain option would be the choice of the outcome.

However, when we look at reality from the point of view of quantum physics, it turns out that any predictable outcome is only a probability and its occurrence depends on the state of our consciousness - it is our thoughts and beliefs that determine the development of events.

The question then arises: is decision-making a reproductive process (choosing what already exists) or a creative process? Do we make decisions about what future to choose or what future to create? And if we create it, what becomes the basis for choosing what is important to us? Existing options, or belief in who we are?

When making any decision, it is worth considering what we want. Can you see the end result? Is it what you want? What emotions does it evoke in you?

Combining our abilities with the desire for what is in line with our deepest values is the key to creating what we need to get on the right path. This again leads to the emergence of new options. The basis of choice, then, is to act in harmony with ourselves. Any doubts will drown out this process. Considerations of "for and against" take us away from contact with our own inner self and with what is really important to us.

If we succeeded in rejecting the blocking rational arguments we would become masters in making the right decisions, but for this we need faith in who we are, acting in harmony with ourselves and the conviction that we will achieve the best result.

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