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Intuitive, systemic,

energy coaching

What is your story?  
         What do you need?
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True knowing comes from a source
unknown to the mind.

If you knew what you were worth you wouldn't seek validation from others.
If you believed in yourself you wouldn't experience the humiliation of criticism.
If you expected the most beautiful you wouldn't crumble under the influence of the ugly.

The world is waiting for you to emerge and show it your true face
- who you are under the load of burdens you carry...
Who you are when you connect with that depth within you and begin to think like YOU.

My Methods:

  • Systemic coaching

  • Voice dialog

  • The Work of Katie Byron

  • Logical Levels of Change by Bateson and Dilts

  • Active Imagination techniques

  • The Silva Mind Control Method

  • Using drawing as a coaching conversation

  • Psychokinesiology

  • Tachyon


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I recommend Monika Braun as one truly gifted in the art of coaching. Her method employs best practice tools and techniques, yes, but more so the unique value comes from her intuitive application of such and the sense of being with a practitioner in her element. Her flow breeds flow.  Her coaching is authentic and brings out the authentic self.  

John Sewell, Business Development Consultant

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